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Content production

Major functions and features of “Courseware”

With customizable management features from GoTrain, we pledge to create tai-lor-made and privatized online courses for corporation or individual to achieve their learning goals. User-friendly Moodle platform allows for extended and tailor-ing learning environments using community source plugins.

  • Block Chain based certification and portfolio repository
  • Technical advantages of optimizing AI, VR and IOT utilization for T&D pro-grams
  • Provision of ready-made content

Leading edge technology

  • A user-friendly cloud based SaaS platform supported by powerful embed-ded utilities of Web-Portal, BPM, CMS and BI engines.
  • A highly flexible, reliable, scalable, mobile and compatible T&D platform
  • Partner with renowned cloud computing providers to offer high perfor-mance and reliable security.

Market Attractiveness and Readiness

  • Offer the best sample of resources sharing system.
  • Instant readiness of relevant functions and features to T&D of HRM.
  • Attractive low entry barrier.
  • Scalable and flexible budget for the right development direction.
  • Upgrading T&D can help to improve productivity, morale, employee retention, and HRM.

Content Production and Readiness

Content Production and Readiness

We have professional teams to design and develop tailor-made content with the following capabilities.

VR/AR/3D/Editorials/Turnkey project

Content Production and Readiness

Various ready-made content for rental provision

  • Skill training templates
  • Best practice of various vertical domain on-job skill training
  • 3D and VR training content for hot-items
  • Editorials for transferred skills
  • Turnkey project