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Improve productivity
Key talent retention
Facilitate succession plan
Learning time reduction
Employee turn over reduction
Employee engagement


Continuous change management
Righteous competence control
Leadership transformation
Keeping the pace with latest technology
Effective HRM management
IDP in place

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Distinguish Operational Services Functions and Features

Provide a highly customize system:

  • Customize your look and feel of privatized T&D Portal.
  • Customize and build your employee T&D (orientation, job-related and IDP…..etc.) compliance program.
  • Customize and reflect your organizational structure under T&D requirements.
  • Customize and automate your T&D workflow system within organization under compliance and governance requirements.

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Provide a highly mobilize and secure T&D system:

  • Facilitation of access to your T&D system from anywhere.
  • Integration with your own back-end system.
  • Distributed/decentralized of courses registration.
  • Provision of powerful reporting facilities and assessment via BI utility.

Content Preparation and Services

Offer structured T&D Services

  • Organized, Filter, Value-Added Services Provision, Manage and Quality Assurance Coverage of all kinds of content supplied by clients.
  • Provision of Industrial generic and “Best-Practice” Training & Development Content by vertical domain.
  • Develop structured industrial generic T&D content and workflow system based on client’s corporate compliance

Offer professional tailor-made T&D Services

  • Provision of “One-Stop-Shop” Solution for “Tailor-Made” content produc-tion.
  • Provision of Professional and Specific Content from Vertical Experts via Partnership and Associated Coop.
  • Besides online e-learning platform, provision of specific advanced training workshops and courses specially designed for clients

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