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Our Functions

One stop e-training platform
Cloud based with full mobility
Latest technology with open architecture
Virtual training room
Flexibility of content provision and preparation
Powerful scheduling for courses setting and examinations

Major functions and features of “Courseware”

With customizable management features from GoTrain,
it is used to create privatized online courses for
corporation or individual to achieve learning goals.
Moodle allows for extending and tailoring learning
environments using community sourced plugins.

Our Functions

Block Chain based certification and portfolio repository
Technical advantages of optimizing AI, VR and IOT utilization for T&D programs
Provision of ready-made content

Leading edge technology

A user-friendly cloud-based SaaS platform supported
by powerful embedded utilities of Web-Portal,
BPM, CMS and BI engines.
A highly flexible, reliable, scalable, mobile and
compatible T&D platform
Partner with world-famous cloud computing providers
to offer high performance and reliable security.

Business Model

Platform subscription fee
Membership fee
Content subscription fee
Content production fee
F2F lecture fee
Related event fee
Turnkey project fee
Web banner Adv

Technical Overview

Unique integrated platform for emerging and
trendy technologies (i.e., BCT, AI, VR, AR, and BPM…..etc.)
Enjoy fruitful results of the latest technology achievements.


Advocate disruptive market force in e-learning for T&D development
Highlight how resources sharing benefits of cloud computing could benefit T&D of SME
Highlight how new technology benefits for T&D of SME
Promote the new integrated hassle-free T&D approach
Benefits of richness of content provision

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